Federal health reform uses a "building blocks" approach that starts with the health insurance system we currently have in place in the United States. Health reform builds upon our current health insurance system to provide more people with access to health insurance coverage, establish legal protections for consumers, and set up mechanisms for consumers to shop knowledgeably for insurance.

Health reform includes the following key steps:
  • Expand Medicaid to allow more people at the lowest income levels to qualify for coverage.
  • Encourage employers to offer health insurance.
  • Provide credits to purchase private health insurance coverage to moderate income Americans who do not qualify for Medicaid.
  • Streamline the purchase of health insurance through the establishment of the Health Insurance Exchange.
  • Strengthen consumer protections and require transparency.
  • Impose protections to guard against unreasonable rate increases.
  • Encourage primary and preventive care.
  • Require most Americans to purchase health insurance.

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